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Crítica | Doctor Who – Série Clássica: Destiny of the Daleks (Arco

Destiny of the Daleks ~ Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Romana II (Lalla Ward)

A publicity shot for Destiny of the Daleks.

4 and Romana II just hanging out with some Daleks ☺♥♥

1981 BBC promotional photo of the cast of Doctor Who featuring the fifth Doctor Peter Davison and my personal favorite companion (and no one else's it seems) Adric, as portrayed by Matthew Waterhouse, United Kingdom, 1982, photograph by BBC Media Centre/Television Publicity (photographer unattributed).

Doctor Who: Castrovalva featuring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor & companions Tegan, Adric, & Nyssa.

Lalla Ward as Romana and Tom Baker as the Doctor on Rue Vieille du Temple in Paris for 1979's 'City of Death', written by Douglas Adams #doctorwho

Doctor Who loves Star Wars, too. May the Fourth be with you. Tom Baker is Amazing!

The Doctor, Doctor Who, Doctors, Doctor Who Baby

HAHAHAHAHA! This episode was hilarious!!!

This episode was hilarious!--- Though I think three actually said, 'Oh, do be quiet.' but close enough!

Cosplay reference

Another Pinner said: Just started watching season and it's amused me to note that Romana II was apparently the first Femme Doctor cosplayer, taking the Doctor's signature look and re-presenting it in pink & white.

Adric sneaks back to the TARDIS.    Me: And that’s why you should always lock the bloody doors.  Sue: Oh, leave him alone. He’s all right.  Me: What?  Sue: It’s his dream job – he’s 18 years old and he’s working on Doctor Who. You fanboys are just jealous. I’m sure he’ll settle down eventually. State of Decay

Doctor Who - Doctor (Tom Baker) with Adric (Matthew Waterhouse)