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Russland, Oberst v. Hünersdorff.

Bundesarchiv Bild 022 2923 Russland Oberst V Hunersdorff

Luftwaffe field force in North Africa, pin by Paolo Marzioli

December 1941 North Africa British attacks continue around Gazala as Rommel prepares to withdraw to El Agheila.

Marder III Ausf. H (7.5cm Pak 40/3 auf Pz 38(t) Sd Kfz 138); 1/Pzjager Abt. 41, 6. Panzer-Division, Kursk, 1943

H tank destroyer during Battle of Kursk, Russia, summer 1943 Source German Federal Archive Identification Code Bild Added By C.

Une colonne de soldats allemands près de Krasnogwardeisk 1942 [Bundesarchiv, Bild 121-1467 / CC-BY-SA 3.0]

A column of German soldiers near Krasnogwardeisk, 1942 [Bundesarchiv, Bild / CC-BY-SA

Michael Wittmann, the Deadly German Panzer Ace Of WWII: Facts and Pictures!

Between the myth and reality lies a figure of great importance in the history of armored warfare. Michael Wittmann, the most successful panzer ace of the S

WESPE - 105 mm self propelled howitzer - Batterie de WESPE en position pour un support d'artillerie lors de la bataille de Koursk, le 4 juillet 1943

Mobile artillery "Wespe" battery in position to provide fire support, battle of Kursk, July

This Russian-built T34 tank was captured by the Germans and marked and used as their own. This one was either stuck during battle or ditched…

Tank With German Markings Pulled From Bog After 60 years (Watch)

Quick shave in the field. Note the bulky gas grenade canisters which all German soldiers carried needlessly throughout WWII.

Sergeant sergeant H.A. Marshall of the Calgary Highlanders Sniping Platoon. Kapellen, Belgium.

Sergeant H. Marshall of the Sniper Section, The Calgary Highlanders, Kapellen, Belgium, 6 October