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3 Million healthy and adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized every year spay - neuter - adopt - be part of the solution. This is just an unacceptable number. People need to be educated about this and about adopting instead of

Don't buy from pet stores. You are supporting this if you do! Instead, RESCUE, RESCUE, RESCUE one of the millions of dogs needing a forever home!!!!!!!!!

Stop puppy mills don't buy from pet stores adopt from a reputable animal rescue, animal shelters or humane societies!

PLEASE SHARE CLAY! He is at San Bernardino KILL Shelter https://www.facebook.com/PetConnect.Us/photos/a.71470379976.18363.71459069976/10150616885779977/?type=1

Adopt clay he is a loving and caring dog don't let him die remember don't shop adopt!

PLEASE! Don't buy a new puppy or kitten from a "breeder" There are millions of wonderful, loving dogs and cats at shelters everywhere who desperately need a home!

Please adopt and stay away from pet stores. Never support a breeder or pet store. No excuses.

"Intake" *** Just your average day at any US "shelter." One day. One shelter. Dogs dumped by their loser "owners." Some will make it out. Unfortunately, for most dogs this moment will be the beginning of the end (this is a kill shelter); unless networked, shared, pledged for, pulled by rescue/foster in hopes of finding them a FURever home...  How could anyone walk away? Could you? Good, healthy, loving, heart-broken, betrayed animals sit waiting at your local shelter. ADOPT. FOSTER. VOLUNT

The sadness experienced from walking into these shelters is indescribable. So many humans have let down their loyal animal friends.

Life of a puppymill dog, unloved, uncared for....forgotten Please, do NOT BUY...ADOPT.

Puppy Farming needs 2 end! Please share, it only takes but if it stops u frm buying frm a puppy farm then it's worth it. DO NOT buy from pet shops & DO NOT buy puppies when u can't see mum & dad! RESCUE frm death at th shelter!


Spay and neuter pets. Speak up for abused animals. Be a voice for the voiceless. Make a difference. They are all counting on us to help protect and rescue them.

· Our hearts are melting! Chester, a pit bull mix, was finally adopted after the North Fork Animal Welfare League posted his pic on Facebook with a desperate call to action. Good luck, Chester! [ Chester.png

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Chester is a brown pit-bull that was found as a stray and taken by an animal shelter (North Fork Animal Welfare League). Chester was lucky to have found a loving animal shelter but after 5 years of…

Adopt a pet. Save a life.

༺♥༻ I wish I may. I wish I might. Find myself a FOREVER HOME TONIGHT༺♥༻ Please adopt a shelter dog. Keep in mind the pitties who so desperately need to be rescued. If you can't adopt, FOSTER. If you can't foster, DONATE. Everyone can donate! Neuter S