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Bolsa Galáxia para dados de RPG - www.facebook.com/magiaeficcao

Bolsa Galáxia para dados de RPG - www.facebook.com/magiaeficcao

AG In The Shire: I'd like a Tombstone reading,"R.I.P. Adi. Died after seeing BOFA. 12/17/14."

I love this behind the scenes glimpse! Now if only Thrandiul were real and that kind of saucy! I would finally have the perfect man/elf!<<<oh Lee lol

star wars cake - Google Search

A while back, I posted some Star Wars party foods that included Strormtroopops never expecting to see anything like that again. Well, somebody has one-upped that person with their own bunch of tasty Star Wars treats.

Hobbit Cupcakes! I wish I was this talented! Nice close-up pictures of individual cupcakes.

The World’s Greatest Hobbit Cupcakes

Lord of the Rings Hobbit Cupcakes on Global Geek News. For Balone's birthday

R2D2 - "Star Wars Terrarium" by Tony Larson - this would be an interesting way to display figures and collectibles

Star Wars Terrariums Featuring Characters on Their Home Planets

Miniature Star Wars Terrariums Land You on Tatooine, Endor, Dagobah, Where’s My Hoth Snowglobe?

King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo

Jogo X-Wing

Jogo X-Wing

The Sergeant Pepper Mill.

Toner I'm kinda disappointed that you bought Joel that boring Pepper Mill for Christmas. A Sergeant Pepper Mill would have been better in so many ways.