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Maycomb finally has a real winter. So, Scout and Jem decide to go outside and build a snowman that looks like Mr.

Snow bunny

snow bunny, God created him so beautiful and with the exact qualities he needs to live in his habitat. For example the perfect camouflage he has.white on white

Love Winter Snow

Not your average snowman For those who live close to one of the poles, snow and ice sculptures are serious art forms. Whether it& a massive ice castle or a fully functional ice piano, the sky& the limit for what these sculptors can create.

Tall order: A little girl stands with her new friends Elise the snowman and Lexi the snowdog in Essex

Shaking off the snow: From dogs rolling in the white stuff to bikini-clad 'sunbathers', how you've been making the best of the weather

Real life snowman and snowdog - ahhhhh, snow, sculpture, charming