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Ensaio divertido!

Ensaio divertido!

A bunch of ideas for what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding.

What to Do With Your Dress After the Wedding

what should've happened #hamilton

what should've happened Angelica Schuyler Eliza Schuyler Peggy Schuyler Margarita Schuyler Maria Reynolds The Schuyler Sisters Work Sisters Before Misters

Aww<<<Last halloween I dressed up as Merida from Brave. My grandmother hand made my dress and quiver. I got a read wig from a party store and I took a few of my old arrows (I'm really into archery:)) and put them in my quiver along with my old bow. Once we got to the little place I took my younger siblings around to trick or treat (I'm 17 btw) and a few little girls (at different times) came up to me and was so happy to meet Merida. One girl even cried she was so happy! It made my…

Two wonderful kinds of people in this world.

Such a sweet story. and then that comment and I just WOW I'm laughing so hard right now XD

Engagement Pictures- How fun!! - Click image to find more Weddings Pinterest pins

The color run for a photo shoot! Could do this as a family shoot, best friend or engagement shoot.

Love this photo...one day to wear the dress so a little time on the ground won't destroy it but the pic is priceless and worth a little dirt.

Best Music for Halloween Wedding Themes from A to Z: Autumn Splendor to Zombies

Bride to Be Reading ~ Fall Autumn wedding photo idea with leaves on and around the dress

You Had One Job, Best Man

You Had One Job, Best Man

Hilarious fail gif of a best men on his way to deliver the rings trips and pushes the bride and the groom in the pool behind them.

And I couldn't agree more about my lousy ex. A man is only as good as his word, and he proved exactly how good he is by his actions in the end.

By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you the biggest disappointment of my life. You may now kiss my ass.

Trash the Dress Style Divorce Photo Shoot Don't believe in divorce friend but this is pretty funny

Phoenix from the Ashes: Part 2 of Nicky’s Trash the Dress Divorce Style Photo Shoot

25 Star wars Funny Memes #Star Wars #Memes

25 Star wars Funny Memes

What we star wars girls learned :) Well, also that I can rule a whole planet at but yeah, her clothes are pretty damn cool too >>>>> Queen of the Universe Padmé Amidala

Here's how the garbage bag method works...

Here's The Best Way To Pee In Your Wedding Dress Without Ruining Everything