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Buy art object Late century ivory statue Venus and Cupid for sale at Galerie Atena

Statue of Saint Bartholomew, who was skinned-alive by the Romans for not renouncing his christian-faith. In this statue, the sculptor depicts Bartholomew with muscles, bones, and veins for all to see. Draped around his shoulders and waist is his own skin.

Tribute to Saint Bartholomew (*He was an early Christian martyr that was skinned. If you look closely, you’ll notice that’s not a robe, but actually his removed skin hanging around him* ) by Marco d’Agrate, 1562 (Duomo cathedral, Milan-Italy)

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☫ Angelic ☫ winged cemetery angels and zen statuary - companion angels

"Modesty" by Antonio Corradini (Italian, 1688–1752), marble statue of veiled female with exquisite sculpture of translucent fabric, c. 1751. #arthistory

Antonio Corradini (Italian, "Modesty", marble statue of veiled female with exquisite sculpture of translucent fabric,.

Roman statue of goddes Isis holding a a bucket and a sistrum, ritual implements used in her worship. Marble, 2nd century CE. On display at Musei Capitolini, Rome

Roman Statue of Goddess Isis holding a sistrum and oinochoe and wearing a garment tied with a characteristic knot, from the time of Hadrian CE) Marble, century CE. On display at Musei Capitolini, Rome

David ~ Michelangelo (1475–1564), Italian sculptor, painter, architect, and poet.

Detail of "David" is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created between 1501 and by the Italian artist Michelangelo. It is a marble statue of a standing male nude. The statue represents the Biblical hero David.

Pictures Really Don’t Do It Justice. This is probably one of theeeee most amazing sculptures I know.

Pictures Really Don’t Do It Justice

Pluto and Proserpina. The Rape of Proserpina is a large Baroque marble sculptural group by Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, executed between 1621 and Bernini was only 23 years old at its completion.

D'Artagnan, détail de la statue d'Alexandre Dumas

D'Artagnan, detail of the statue of Alexandre Dumas, father, Paris XVII - Gustave Doré -

Colossal statue of Antinous as Dionysos-Osiris (ivy crown, head band, cistus and pine cone). Marble, Roman artwork. Museo Pio-Clementino, Sala Rotunda - Vatican Museums

Colossal Roman Statue of Antinous (lover of Hadrian) as Dionysos-Osiris (ivy crown, head band, cistus & pine cone) -- Marble -- Vatican Museums

La Victoria de Samotracia, Museo del Louvre (París) of my favorite classic sculptures.

Has anyone noticed that Nike statues are always headless? of Victory! Winged Victory (Nike) of Samothrace, Greek statue (marble), century BC (Musée du Louvre, Paris).

Monumental Cemetery of Milan

Monumental Cemetery of Milan

archaeologicalexpeditionserv: “ DR. Zahi Hawass… Statue of Amenemhat III Detail of statue of Amenemhat III in the Shape of a Sphinx-This statue of Amenemhat III was carved in the shape of a sphinx; joining a human head with a lion’s body. This...

Detail of statue of pharaoh Amenemhat III in the shape of a Sphinx. This particular statue was part of a larger group of statues of the king, which were probably placed in the temple of Bastet, the cat goddess, at Bubastis in the Delta.