Theodore Robinson (1852-1896)
On the Cliff: A Girl Sewing
Oil on panel
31.2 x 22.8 cm
(12.28" x 8.98")

"On the Cliff: A Girl Sewing," Theodore Robinson, oil on panel, x Chazen Museum of Art.

"Farmer on a Country Road," Theodore Robinson, 1885, oil on canvas on board, 10 1/2 x 16", Godel & Co. Fine Art.

"Farmer on a Country Road," Theodore Robinson, oil on canvas on board, 10 x Godel & Co.

THEODORE ROBINSON: "La débâcle", 1892

THEODORE ROBINSON: "La débâcle", 1892 - oil on canvas American Impressionism. A close friend of Claude Monet, he created some of his best works while living in Giverny, just few months before returning to America.

Peder Severin Krøyer 1851 - 1909.  Danish.

The Lane Theodore Robinson (American, Impressionist, Oil on canvas. High Museum of Art. Robinson spent his last years applying his Monet-inspired impressionism to the American.

Theodore Robinson (American, 1852-1896), [Old Lyme Colony, Impressionism] From the Hill, Giverny, 1889.

"From the Hill, Giverny, Theodore Robinson, 1889 to oil on canvas, 15 x 25 Terra Foundation for American Art.