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Thanks, babe babe for taking care of me. You make feeling ill more bearable.

HJ-Story Love is... taking care of you when you're sick - HJ-Story

HJ-Story Love is. taking care of you when you're sick - HJ-Story

Juntos hacemos grandes cosas

Love is something that starts out small but build and shaped together into something large and beautiful!

HJ-Story Love is... Sweet hug - HJ-Story

HJ-Story Love is. Sweet hug - I like sweet smelling hugs! Unfortunately, I’m not sure it Kate feels the same since I can sometimes get quite sweaty….

Out of no where / "...how my love story started..."

I receive question from time to time asking me how I my love story started. and I thought this would be my most accurate answer. support HJ-Story on P. Out of no where


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