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Uma casa com gatos...!!!!!!!

The Simple Cat Lady Visual Test, by LOL CATS: Give Your Home a Quick Double Check For Similarities.Ok, I admit to having 7 out of :)

Don't miss this precious portrait series of a girl and her cat via pondly.com

FURZAPPER DOG Fur CAT Hair Remover for your Laundry- Add it to Washer & Dryer

14 Funny Cat Pictures!

Why cats are awesome ! Why cats are awesome! Except dogs actually love you instead of being a cold prick who ignores you until it suits them. And dogs don't bark if you know how to train them, it's those G cats are sexy

Guia com 24 dicas infalíveis sobre como ser um gato

Guia com 24 dicas sobre como ser um gato

OMG the kibble! kibble, kibble everywhere i walk!! lol. and then i have to step around the barf on the carpet. oh so true!

Pusheen cat on "Cat Etiquette". So true. My cat Tia does this perfectly except she doesn't barf but that's fine by me.

Black Cat Auditions In Hollywood by Ralph Crane, 1961

These adorable black cats all gathered for an open casting call for the 1961 Edgar Allan Poe film, Tales of Terror.

ceiling cat, papercraft

If anyone is familiar with the legendary picture of "ceiling cat", here is a papercraft. Make your own ceiling cat!

Ryan Conners' Cat Folk Art: Search results for Cat

Cats in Art and Illustration: Ryan Conners' Cat Folk Art


Soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleepy kitty- purr purr purrrr ♥ TAGS: Cat cats kitten kitty purr soft pusheen Katzen Katze Samtpfoten Black Kitten Cat Feline cat versus human


Inspiring quotes about life : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description And a House is Not a Home Without KITTIES! Sharing is Power – Don’t forget to share this quote !

That, and lack of organizational skills.

Funny Cat Organized Religion Cartoon - The primary reason that cats will never develop a system of organized religion is that they all think they are gods

Pretty much. Cat versus human comic.

Cats are cute and lovable creatures, but they can sometimes be a true mystery to us humans. These creative comics, called Cat Versus Human, perfectly describe