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Pray for wisdom not to hate

Please keep Paris in your thoughts today, I also believe in the power of prayer

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Obama after attacks in Paris: "This is an attack not just on Paris.this is an attack on all of - Social Events 24 hours

With all the money in the world she still can't hide her stupidity.. people like her and Sharpton are the real racists!!

It sounds like Oprah is the real racist and she likes playing the victim.Get over your past Oprah and thank God and this country for all that you have.

Yes indeed , they have NOTHING TO LOSE !

Yes indeed , they have NOTHING TO LOSE !

Why busy pretending while it’s super awesome to be you!

Сгенерированный фотопортрет Моцарта

Facial composite of Mozart, circa created by the German Federal Criminal Police Office from four contemporary portrait paintings. (Were the German Police trying to locate Mozart?

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