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Incredible Illustrations Of Power Rangers

All 7 original Power Rangers Anime Version From The Gen. Redesigned by Mexican artist Fernando Peniche


It's clear where the photoshopped imagery comes from (Transformers, Pacific Rim, The Dark Knight Trilogy) but this still looks pretty badass. And it looks better than I expect this new reboot movie to be. Power Rangers Movie Poster 1 by

El último que vi fue el fuerza mistica, qué tiempos :'v

Power Rangers Infographic Suits/Uniforms/Costumes changes through the years - so much sexism hidden in there.

Power Rangers Evolution Infographic

La evolución de los Power Rangers a lo largo de los años, la imagen de la semana

With the new Power Rangers movie opening this week, take a look at all the Power Rangers costumes over time in our infographic! all power rangers

Uchiha Obito was the biggest victims  of war ,he lost everything included his lovest #anime #cosplayclass #naruto #cosplay

Obito's actions and choices are understandable. Even though they were wrong you can't completely blame him. Obito is Naruto, except Naruto had the will to never give in. Plus, Uchiha have the Curse of Hatred

Power Rangers

High resolution official theatrical movie poster ( of for Power Rangers Image dimensions: 1946 x Directed by Dean Israelite. Starring Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, RJ Cyler, Becky G

Green Vs Lord Drakkon

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The villainous Lord Drakkon wields the power of Saba against the Green Ranger as the Power Rangers fight for the survival of two worlds!

MMPR 2017 Fantasy Poster

Here is my updated version of the Megazord in a fan art movie poster idea, trying to keep some of the essence of the original plus a mix of transformers movie posters esthetics (geeking out haha) Hope you like it!

Pretty amazing art - DC COMICS by david despau <--- Needs more Wonder Woman:

~ batman wonder woman, & superman, because that's the only semi-decent superheroes DC has. ~ Pretty amazing art - DC COMICS by david despau

Supervillain Highschool Yearbook. The difficult years.. #Marvel #DC #Comics

Supervillain Highschool Yearbook. The difficult years..

Supervillain Highschool Yearbook - The difficult years. Venom looks great