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Cliques impressionantes revelam os rostos imperceptíveis dos insetos http://r7.com/ExNT

These bugs are certainly ready for their close-ups. In a series of incredible insect images, photographer Donald Jusa captures close-up photos of a variety of bugs he discovered outside of his workplace in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Adult Male Paraphidippus aurantius Jumping Spider by Thomas Shahan_ I just love spider eyes!

This is an #Orchid #Bee, species unknown. Orchid #Bees belong to the tribe #Euglossini and are from the family #Apidae and order #Hymenoptera. They are found in #Neotropical regions. Most Orchid Bees are solitary. Some species of #Orchids are exclusively pollinated by male bees. #entomology #insect #entomologist #tropical #metallic photo by Efram Goldberg

Orchid Bee (species unknown) belongs to the tribe Euglossini from the family Apidae and order Hymenoptera. They are found in neotropical regions, and are solitary. Some species of are exclusively pollinated by male bees photo by Efram Goldberg

incredible close up macro photography of insect 7

Dalentech has been made Incredible close-up Macro Photography which makes me amazed at the results that are so clear and detailed, a glimpse of this photo is

A white longhorn Picture: Iwan Susanto/Solent News & Photo Agency


Small Turquoise Beetle - Polydrusus sericeus. Michigan

Small Turquoise Beetle (Polydrusus sericeus) by Michael A.

Camponotus Herculaneus

Camponotus Herculaneus

Подборка смешных, не очень и просто красивых фотографий (111 фото)

Glad these guys aren't any bigger! Iridescent dragonfly head by Colin Hutton Photography Correction: This is a tiger beetle

I'm Buggin' Out! Insect Macro Photography

I'm Buggin' Out! Insect Macro Photography

Blue stick bug

Stunning Macro Pictures of Insects by Wil Mijer

Blue stick bug