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Around and About: Eco Monday: Smart Garden

Click & Grow is an electronic smartpot that independently grows plants without the need of watering, fertilizing or any gardening know-how. Everything is taken care of by the sensors, software and precise electronics in the smartpot.

a small tree

A pot within a pot. The smaller plot floats on the water of the bigger pot, as the water runs low the plant drops, so you know to add more water.

A simple solution to the lack of natural sunlight. The LED lights up as the user's alarm activates and is turned off when the user goes to bed. So the user and the plants cycles are interlinked.

There can be strong emotional connections between plant growers and the plant during the growth cycle. From the moment the seed is planted, to the time

Why a vegetable garden will make you happy, healthy, wealthy...and wise.

Grow the good life: Why a vegetable garden will make you happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise by Michele Owens

Набор для выращивания помидоров-черри "Click&Grow"/Smartpot for growing Mini Tomato at home

Click & Grow is an easy-to-use electronic smartpot that grows plants without watering and fertilizing. (Starter Kit with Mini tomato, costs

Urbio - Big Happy Family - SEK 1437

Urban Vertical Garden by Urbio - Big Happy Family - Product Specs: 20 tall x 30 wide x deep Contains: - 6 Wall Plates (with Brackets, Screws and Sheet Rock Anchors) - 1 Big Daddy - 1 String Bean - 1 Wide Mouth - 3 Shorty


Hot Pink Peonies in Silver - x by Spring: Designer Floral Arrangements on