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110 Anúncios Publicitários antigos da Coca-Cola

Coca Cola de 1953

vintage everyday: 54 Interesting Vintage Pictures of Coca-Cola's Advertising in the last Decades

Cola Wars -  The Cola Wars was a set of arguments and tensions between Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola.

COKE VS. PEPSI: The Amazing Story Behind The Cola Wars

1974 Cone Top Screw Top Glass no returnable bottle Coca-Cola US

The SOUND of drinking a Coca-Cola from a glass bottle! This is a 1974 Cone Top Screw Top Coca-Cola Bottle. Notice it says COCA-COLA not Coke. Name changed in

On an old publicity of the #CocaCola !!! ...

Call For The Genuine Coca Cola TIN SIGN vtg coke bottle ad metal wall decor 1918


Ever wonder what that vintage Coca-Cola tray you own is worth? Here are selling prices for just a few of the items offered at a convention auction in

Desenhos Para Pinturas e Decoupage: Vintage

Recently we had posted article about vintage Pepsi Cola advertising. Most of us are well aware about the Cola War. So we thought it would be a great idea to share some of vintage Coca Cola ads also…

41 propagandas antigas da Coca-Cola para inspiração

41 propagandas antigas da Coca-Cola para inspiração

Coca-cola machine and 24 bottle wooden crate. When you bought a case you brought it home in a wooden crate!