Beautiful summer blooms from Vintage House, wooden coat rack has given me an idea for all my hats in the spare room

Beautiful Tulips in a White Pitcher...

in a white pitcher shows them off perfectly. AND I just happen to have a white pitcher :)

wildflowers via eluroa blue

Butterfly flower mix - Echium vulgare ‘Blue Bedder’ (Annual Bugloss) Linaria ‘Canon Went’ Verbena bonariensis


Pink ranunculus in jar . would make a nice centerpiece for a dinner with the one you love

discovered via pinterest @appellesapothecary

discovered via pinterest @appellesapothecary

My inner landscape

THINGS THAT PLEASE ME & TOUCH MY SOUL. I claim no ownership of these photos. I try to post things that take my breath & make me say "oooh", "aaah" or "awww".