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Coconut Oil Or Shea Butter? And The Better Moisturizer Is...

Hey! Before you begin, can we send you a free jar of coconut oil? Click here to get the details. Why Magnesium Deficiency Is So Common Eating the Wrong Foods The majority of Americans eat a diet rich in processed and refined foods, which are devoid of many nutrients. Only about half of US adults consume the Recommended Dietary Allowance of magnesium. Although nuts, seeds,…   [read more]

12 Reasons To Use Magnesium Lotion & How To Make It

Shea butter is a thick, fatty oil compound extracted from African shea tree nuts. According to The American Shea Butter Institute, this formulation.

Antiperspirants often rely on aluminum compounds, known to cause neurological problems, to swell your sweat glands shut. But the thing is: Sweat itself does not smell. Body odor comes from the bacteria that feast on your sweat; inhibit the bacteria, and you will stay shower-fresh all day. Most people don’t perspire all that much during routine activities.

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My pores and skin became so honest like Snow white, i’m so happy. I didn’t think that this system can be truly this powerful. But I gave it a try to it did incredible task. Lotion is clearly smooth to make use.


My pores and skin became so honest like Snow white, i’m so happy. I didn’t think that this system can be truly this powerful. But I gave it a try to it did incredible task. Lotion is clearly smooth to

{DIY} Coconut Oil Lotion Bars // Easy To Make & Only 3 Ingredients.  USE SILICONE GINGERBREAD MOLDS

Coconut Oil Lotion Bars

{DIY} Coconut Oil Lotion Bars // Only 3 Ingredients Equipment saucepan lotion mold, muffin pan or tins Ingredients 1 part Coconut Oil 1 part Pure Beeswax Essential Oils (Optional)

SHEA BUTTER Vs. COCO BUTTER  Both shea butter and cocoa butter are popular, but a lot of people are concerned about which one is better; cocoa butter or shea butter. The truth is both are great in their own respects, and do a lot of good for skin and hair problems. Here, we make an attempt to bring out a difference between the two, to help you decide which one you would like to use.   Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/shea-butter-vs-cocoa-butter.html

Shea Butter Vs. Cocoa Butter

I will only use Shea butter and cocoa butter in its natural form. Be warned, both butters are heavy and greasy so use sparingly.

Hypertension - lavande-

Homemade Anti-Aging Serum Used jojoba & VE measurements 20 drops frankincense 10 drops lavender 5 drops tea tree

DIY Coconut Oil Salt #Scrub  I love this body scrub recipe. It’s simply made with coconut oil and epsom salts. Essential oils can be added for maximum effects but coconut oil and salt work great on its own. You can use this scrub as a full body scrub, hand scrub and foot scrub. The salt gently #exfoliates the skin and the coconut oil leaves your skin feeling baby soft! Get this recipe here ... http://beautytips.givingtoyou.com/diy-coconut-oil-salt-scrub

2 cups coconut oil 1 cups Epsom salt drops essential oil Mix and use as whole body or just hands and feet scrub. (Can also use sugar in place of salt).

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My {all in one} Secret Miracle Cream | Butter Nutrition

My {all in one} Secret Miracle Cream

Secret Miracle Cream: warm about 3 ounces virgin coconut oil and mix in drops of Progest E* (natural progesterone in vitamin E) and 15 drops essential oil: lavender, ylang ylang or your favorite calming essential oil combo.

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Discover the many benefits of coconut oil for your hair and skin. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/04/18/coconut-oil-improve-hair-health.aspx

In a study comparing the use of mineral oil, sunflower oil, and coconut oilfor conditioning hair, coconut oil emerged as the clear winner with the bestresults. Hurray for coconut oil!

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