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I love Davesprite. source:http://night-of-void.deviantart.com/art/chickens-man-441428996

I thought Dave was purposely dancing


I'm listening to dubstep right now. Not helping the circumstances


now this is the type of quality content that i like to see

Spades Slick and Ms. Paint. HUSSIE SAID IT'S CANON SO IT'S CANON.

This is my favorite picture of slick and ms. Paint I ship it~

DAVESPRITE best cosplay i have ever seen

DAVESPRITE best cosplay i have ever seen<<give this person an award. This cosplay ROCKS

I didn't think anything that included the words "John died" could bring me such happiness

I didn't think anything that included the words "John died" could bring me such happiness D --> Yes agreed

Jade and Davesprite Valentine's by zombieskully.deviantart.com on @deviantART<== OH MY GOD DAVESPRITE! WAS THAT NECESSARY?!

Welp I just found my valentine card

dad day by Night-of-Void.deviantart.com on @deviantART // LOUD SQUEEING

So i have this headcanon. The higher the blood, the more dominance the troll. The dominant troll places itself as "male" (This makes karkat "mother" and terezi "vather")

Well then<<---Ya know, I actually read a reader insert on DeviantART where Dave dies (though it didn't say how or when) and becomes a Farshee (A male Banshee. He's the only one in existence too.), So maybe he's channeling his Farshee powers. (Dave: Which are totally ironic by the way.)

Even better would be giving Dave a kitten sneeze. Like, he would be sitting there like he usually does and then all you hear is the most adorable achoo ever. XD That would be great.

W-whyyyyy???   *cries silently*

Homestuck:: Remember that. by *Shilloshilloh on deviantART AHHH NOOOO *CRIES* here. A beautiful Sadstuck moment