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Keep Calm 28

Keep Calm and extarminate ! Daleks are most definately not calm, but they most definately exterminate. Sorry if you don't get the joke, but it's funny if you do.

Because everyone needs their board signed by all of the Doctors

because everyone needs their board signed by all of the doctors. Well they do have doctors handwriting ;

Doctor Who mash ups.

Doctor Who mashups. Note: I do NOT approve of the Family Guy, Simpsons, or Adventure Time mashups.

Big Time Rush. #rusher

I'm a Whovian now. So that adds my tally up to Whovian, Jedi, Browncoat, and Potterhead. I think my nerd is showing. (I completely agree with whoever posted this)

Daleks are the best

An alternative movie poster for the film Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D, created by Orlando Arocena, featured on AMP

Doctor Who villains

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SSSHHHH!!! Quiet please or I'll let the angels out to get you

Leave me alone! If you disturb me it's not my fault that the full fury of of a Time Lord comes out.