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Our latest Illustration by the brilliant Oliver Munday. Love working with the editor extraordinare and team.

Time, I thought this was interesting as they haven't used a portrait to other ones I have similarly seen, but still has a major impact on the audience. Two colours really work, highlight and emphasise one and other. Colours resemble Times colour

We’ve gathered 35 of the Best Time Magazine Covers after and I’m sure that you’re going to give us a big like for it. Time Magazine will turn 90 next year


A Newsweek investigation into the diets of Europeans reveals that our biggest problem is overconsumption

Rejected Newsweek “Politics Of Sex” Covers #Revista #Publicidad d(-.-)b

Rejected Newsweek “Politics Of Sex” Covers

Branding for IT consulting firm Cologne Intelligence

Corporate Design für Cologne Intelligence

La guerre économique est aujourd'hui numérique.

“newsweek: Our latest cover story: The Art of Financial Warfare: How the West is pushing Putin’s buttons The U. Treasury is taking the lead in punishing Russia as Washington develops a new kind of warfare. “This is the century version of waging war.