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So true! I love every moment I get to spend with her!

Instead of picturing a daunting 18 years with each child, look at how short each period is when broken up. Time goes by so fast. Cherish every moment.

The way I see it. Unfortunately my kids life is full of disappointments from people on their dads side. I don't have to allow that on my side!

And always know I'm thinking of you and I miss you more than you could ever imagine my love

FAMILY i LOVE my family I created with my hubby, WE are BEYOND BLESSED!!! we have beautiful,healthy kids <3

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This is so true for me. Especially the last few weeks.

Did you know what the cost of being a mom is? Tina Fey said it best when she explained, Being a mom has made me so tired. And so happy. We couldnt have described parenting better ourselves.

For my babies. Even though your all not so small anymore, you all will always be my baby's. ❤

Mother's love for her children! I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby. Mother quotes for mother's love. Mother to daughter quotes

When my daughters old enough we'll be taking sum pix like this I luv it♡

Lol I love my mom she my mom by chance and my best friend by choice. I will always let her into my life my feelings and love even if she's my stalker I love you tons mom you are amazing! I love you!

to both my daughters. your both a delight and have given me such joy from the moment I knew you were both girls.  love you

this is to my beautiful daughter Hannah. couldn't have said it better. she is my precious daughter, my fun fun friend, my rock many times, my role model most of all. I love you daughter.