Сюрреализм Тони Футуры высмеивает современную поп-культуру

Сюрреализм Тони Футуры высмеивает современную поп-культуру

Toni Futura is the man of the future. Or he& just an extremely cheeky artist who does digital art manipulation.

Satisfying Instagram Account of the Day: Unexpected Pairings Become Perfect Matches

Satisfying Instagram Account of the Day: Unexpected Pairings Become Perfect Matches

“Combo Photos” is an ongoing series by artist and photographer Stephen McMennamy. In the series, McMennamy splits two photos he has previously taken, combining them into one harmonious image that usually plays with size and perspective.

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Art director and French director Arnaud Deroudilhe recently released a series of images gathered under the name Playtime and playing with talent on everyday objects and diverting applications. Friendly colorful creations to discover.

Qui n’a jamais rêvé d’un musée entièrement dédiée à la crème glacée ? Le rêve devient réalité !


Тони Футура (Tony Futura)

Сюрреализм Тони Футуры высмеивает современную поп-культуру

Vanessa Mckeown est une créative touche-à-tout, à la fois photographe, directrice artistique et scénographe.  Dans ses créations, Vanessa Mckeown utilise divers objets ou jouets pour créer ou réinterpréter d’autres visuels et jouer avec notre interprétation des choses. Je vous conseille vivement d’aller faire un tour sur son site pour vous plonger dans son univers coloré et décalé.

Objets détournés par Vanessa Mckeown

Artist Vanessa Mckeown has worked with food and everyday objects to create a series of fascinating yet unsettling images. Balloons are combined with real o

Heat Wave | The resulting images are a series of fresh composition to avoid thirst and survive the high temperatures with a smile.

Paloma Rincon is a Madrid based photographer working worldwide, from commercial assignments for big companies to more experimental and personal projects.

I notice details | design

To survive past summer's heat in Madrid Paloma Rincón created a series of photographs featuring unusual combinations of everyday objects to fight the heat.


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Headphones + donuts combophoto by Stephen McMennamy. Art Director Stephen McMennamy looks for simple backgrounds, takes two photographs, and then carefully arranges them together.


Colorful Mashup – Les étranges objets du quotidien de Vanessa McKeown

Whimsical objects Photographer and art director Vanessa McKeown turns everyday objects into colourful quirky scenes. Various objects from fruits, vegetables, cakes, and candies have been constructed.