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Galatians 1:15  I really want to paint this or get someone to and hang it in my new room!

Famous short encouraging bible quotes about love, strength, death, family and life. Forgiveness and inspirational Bible Quotes and Sayings on faith.


Prayer Of The Day – A Blessing For Women --- Dear Lord, Thank you for the woman reading this prayer right now.


*♥♥♥*GOD is Spirit:and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and truth John king James bible only.

❤️Psalm 139:16❤️

'Thine eyes beheld my' (yet) 'unformed substance, and in thy book were they all written,'

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Memory Verses: 10 Bible Verses Every Christian Should Know by Heart

The delicate pink sakura, or cherry blossom tree, is associated with Japan. They bring stunning spring flowers, handsome bark & colorful autumn leaves.

ISAIAH 43:18 ...........Amen! Seek renewal in Christ alone. In Him we live, move & have our being! We thank God for the gift of Jesus His perfect Son, and Jesus for His obedience to the Father, dying on our behalf! By His Stripes we are healed! We invite the Holy Spirit Our Advocate to dwell in our hearts as we journey to the cross, our ladder to heaven. Do you know the power of one drop of Our Savior's Blood & a mustard seed?

ISAIAH (I SO need to be reminded of this a lot!) Lord, grant us the Grace to let go of the past, so that we can receive the new things You are giving/teaching us, and so we can embrace the amazing future that You have for us! In Jesus' Name, Amen!

Words of wisdom from the source, from God's word to you.#ad

Linus - No better Teach than the Holy Spirit and No better text than God's Word. Pray for God's wisdom and strength. He will lead you.

Bendito seja o Deus e Pai de nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo, o Pai das misericórdias e o Deus de toda a consolação; Que nos consola em toda a nossa tribulação, para que também possamos consolar os que estiverem em alguma tribulação, com a consolação com que nós mesmos somos consolados por Deus. 2 Coríntios 1:3,4

Do you know the Bible character who refused God's comfort? His story in this devotion will motivate you to climb into God's arms when you're hurting. What a source of gratitude this brings!