The healthy man does not torture others - generally it is the tortured who turns into a torturers.-Carl Jung the healthy man doesn't do the things that rip you to shreds thens acts like you did HIM wrong

Are your words sweet or bitter?

"If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?" I have a lot to be thankful for. My skin doesn't betray the self-righteous, jealous, hypocrite I am in my heart.

People do not seem to realize that their opinion of the world is also a confession of character Ralph Waldo Emerson

i love the "i am i" grammar... XP

"Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but nobody is equal either. People are simply unique, incomparable. You are you, I am I." - by Osho

Let them think whatever they want. Unless their opinions are going to pay your bills it doesn't matter!

The greatest prison people live in, is the fear of what other people think. Who cares what other people think? You do your thing!

When I encounter people who try to make me feel lesser than equal, I don't argue. My equality is not up for debate, it's an implicit truth.

This quote tells of the lack of human contact or any contact for that matter that the creature experiences...."I do not recall hearing any human voice in all those years"(Lovecraft 176).

Loneliness doesn’t come from having no one around you, but from being unable to communicate the things that are important to you. -Carl Jung so true.


Release yourself through the liberating act of forgiveness, and learn a truly valuable spiritual lesson.


Some people aren’t satisfied until they sabotage someone else’s happiness. Be careful who you trust – not everyone who smiles at you is your friend. ♥ Want more fantastic quotes?

Stap over je angst....

“it’s impossible,” said pride. “it’s risky,” said experience. it’s pointless,” said reason. “give it a try,” whispered the heart.

10 yrs of effort, nothing to show - I'm just as much to blame. Wont ever happen again. Learning and growing vice raging and blaming.

The Narcissistic Rage Cycle

I poured everything I had into you and you were still empty. Not necessarily inspirational, but it sums up the truth

Veo todo diferente!

Sometimes I think I'm crazy because I see things differently than everyone else. -The Home of picture quotes

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But if you pay close attention, you will see that the most masculine man has a feminine soul, and the most feminine woman has a masculine soul. ~Carl Jung, Liber Novus, Page Divine feminine/masculine