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minnie siniestra - Pesquisa Google

minnie siniestra - Pesquisa Google

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This Blake(left) and Brandy(right). Brandy and Blake are twin brothers who were ignored and abused when they were little they ran away at 15 yrs old then came here. Please give them a loving home.

Koi Carp painting

Tropical Koi - A fish painting a day Original art painting by Shanti Marie - DailyPainters.com

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Val Laird Designs - Journey of a Stitcher: Free pattern - Consider the Lilies Pattern 10

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Inferior MI     ST elevation in II, III, VF     Right coronary artery  Anterior MI     ST elevation in V3 to V4     Left anterior descending artery  Lateral MI     ST elevation in V5 to V6     Circumflex artery  Posterior MI     ST depression in V3 to V4

Pink – Lead aVR offers no specific view of the left ventricle. Orange – Septal Leads Yellow – Inferior Leads (II, III, aVF) Green – Lateral Leads (I, aVL, Blue – Anterior Leads