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Albino owl

Albino Eastern Screech Owl Screech owls& range in color from gray to rusty brown, with distinct, yellow irises. Albino owls, have pink skin around their eyes as well as& pink toes. Photo credit: Jon P.

Where do squirrels sleep? How do they sleep? It is commonly known that these animals are very active during the day and get their rest during the night.

Sleeping Habits of The Squirrels and Their Common Nests

Albino Chipmunk photographed @ Noah& Ark Zoo Farm in North Somerset, United Kingdom, in June

Screech Owl

Wow an Albino screech owl, photo by Bob Gress I love white animals and screech owls;

Albino Ruby-Throated Hummingbird2

Albino animals - slide 42

An albino black vulture (Coragyps atratus), the only one known in existence, sits on his perch at the World Bird Sanctuary.

African Grey parrot--A most incredible species. The famous departed Alex showed language ability equal to human toddlers, forming sentences even. Bear in mind before getting a bird they are far, far more intelligent than many people realize.

African Grey parrot - We had one of these wonderful birds for 12 years.what a joy AND a mess he was!

40 Breathtaking Portraits Capture The True Beauty Of Wildlife

40 Breathtaking Portraits Capture The True Beauty Of Wildlife

Photographer Brad Wilson goes up close and personal with some of the most gorgeous — and deadly — creatures in the world.


The white stag is a familiar creature of myth and legend. The white stag in Celtic myth is an indicator that the Otherworld is near. It appears when one is transgressing or breaking a taboo. It also appears as an impetus to quest--the white stag or hart o

Hi! I am really cute and have really big, adorable eyes

Good things come in small packages Saw-Whet Owl (Photo by Megan Lorenz)

Que miras ???

Northern Saw-whet Owl (Aegolius acadicus) is a small owl native to North America.