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Crédito: Shawn Clover

Fotografias misturam cenas de uma cidade devastada há mais de um século com o presente

A bicyclist rides towards the fallen Valencia St. Hotel and a huge sinkhole that has opened up in the street, San Francisco, 1906 & 2010

Underground artwork: A woman walks dangerously close to a pit of rubble on 5th St by the US Mint

What if the 1906 San Francisco earthquake happened today? Photo trickery blends pictures of the time with city's streets today

David Hockney Prehistoric Museum Near Palm Springs, 1982 photographic collage  84 1/2 x 56 1/2 in.

David Hockney Prehistoric Museum Near Palm Springs, 1982 photographic collage 84 x 56 in. i choose this photo because I liked the over exaggerated shadow and the black and white

San Andreas Fault ruptured in the 1906 earthquake that destroyed so much of San Francisco

Don't let this stop you from visiting beautiful California. "In a massive magnitude earthquake ruptured the entire San Andreas Fault in Northern California." A visible tear in the earth.

The devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake destroyed 80% of the city.  In this series, photographer Shawn Clover blends photos from the earthquake into the present day shots of the same locations.

1906 Earthquake Blended with Today by Shawn Clover -- People stroll by the original adobe Mission Dolores which survived, while the brick church next door was destroyed

Market Street, San Francisco, 1864.From the Hamilton Henry Dobbin Collection

Market Street, San Francisco, From the Hamilton Henry Dobbin Collection For more great photos, check out our picture collections!

Vintage NY photo over modern day NY

In this series entitled "New York City: Then and Now" photographer Marc A. Hermann compares mid-century black and white crime scenes in New York City with the

In this series of carefully Photoshopped images, photographer Shawn Clover created composite photographs that blend historical scenes from the 1906 San Francisco earthquake with his own present-day captures of the same locations.  Indescribable, ...

San Francsico's Past and Present Erupt In These Stunning Composite Images

The Earthquake Blend – San Francisco 1906 + 2010 by Shawn Clover. A women opens the door to her Mercedes on Sacramento Street while horses killed by falling rubble lie in the street.

Composite Then and Now Photos of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake: People walk up California St amid charred scraps of lumber	 (Shawn Clover)

Composite Photos of San Francisco’s 1906 Earthquake and the City Today People walk up California Street amid charred scraps of lumber.