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#MaryMorrissey and Nelson Mandela shared their conversation about being a good leader. They want us to be inspired from their thoughts that's why Mary posted their conversation in her huffington blog. Visit Mary Morrissey site now!

The Top 10 Benefits of Meditation - has been used for hundreds of years by individuals seeking inner peace, enlightenment and a break from the everyday stressers of life. The practice is thought to benefit the mind, body and spirit in a multitude of ways.

Heal from within

Holistic Healing - Holistic Energy Healing: Illustration of meditator and the seven glowing chakras (or energy centers)

Identifying a Link Between Vitamin D and Psoriasis - also mentioning Psoriatic ARTHRITIS. If you have Psoriasis, and you've noticed joint pain, read on!

High Blood Pressure

Cool chart shows how time of sun exposure you need to produce IU of Vitamin D depending on your skin color and the time of year.

nice, been at blue hole Dahab

Diving at the Blue Hole

The Great Blue Hole is the most popular dive destination in Belize. This massive hole under the water is near the Lighthouse Reef and creates a perfect circle of deep blue water. The water is 407 feet deep. It's breathtaking.

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Salt water? Always 80/60

Hypotension or low blood pressure blood pressure is lower than normal blood pressure, for each person in certain conditions and is a relative term.