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--it takes a while to read her, seconds to understand her, and a life time to forget her--

"it takes a while to read her seconds to love her and a life time to forget her. Her mind is a dictionary of sadness and heartache, and her heart is a poetry book for the hopeless." Unknown but gifted poet

Tyler Knott Gregson - how perfectly draining to at the same time always feel like far too much and yet never quite enough.... Yup.

Most of my life. There is no such thing as too much and you are always enough. Live your Luminous life.

Life is fighting and living through the tough times

I grew up feeling this way. Still feel this way many days, but my depression cannot keep me down. I fight every. I wish for things to be easy, to be strong, and sometimes it's impossible. Sometimes I just can't.

You are my whole heart and even with the lack of sleep and utter exhaustion, I will still be here, till the END OF TIME, just so that you can protect me and vs. versa from those will NEVER understand us.  HEAR IT!  "...I'll be loving you always...not for just an hour........always....".

Elizabeth Gilbert from "Eat, Pray, Love"-- a letter to yourself in your low moments. I imagine this is a letter from God!

-e.h. Croaky morning voice of which I love  mooi om tegen je kinderen te zeggen.

To a beautiful soul by the name of Erin Hanson, whoever you may be. thank you for reminding me just how much I love poetry in its purest form!

Once upon a time..

I allowed someone else to hold my pen for too long and when I took it back I also brought back my life and happiness. Never allow anyone else to hold your pen.

Hope... It's all we have sometimes.

"She wasn't bitter. She was sad, though. But it was a hopeful kind of sad. The kind of sad that just takes time. A hopeful kind of Sad.

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A terrible need. Some people simply search out unhappiness. Don't waste the time you'll never ever get back. So sad.