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Espetacularmente Extraordinária

© Claudio Santana, June Puyehue volcano / Chile A cloud of ash billowing from Puyehue volcano near Osorno in southern Chile, 870 km south of Santiago. Puyehue volcano erupted for the first.

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Arenal Volcano - Take a virtual tour of Arenal Volcano Costa Rica and learn more about the volcano Arenal.

There are six types of volcanoes, They are Shield, Strato, Caldera, Monogetic fields, Flood Basalts and Mid-ocean ridges. - Millie Endacott

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The Awesome Power of Mother Nature

even though i'd never get to see this volcano in Iceland erupting alongside the Aurora Borealis, i still want to go to see the northern lights and unique enivronment

Ecuador's Tungurahua volcano — known to many as "the Black Giant" — is one of the most active volcanos on Earth.  Photo by Patrick Taschler

There's so much awesome in this photograph I can hardly stand it

Molten rock so hot it glows visibly pours down the sides of the high Tungurahua, while a cloud of dark ash is ejected through the clouds that surround the Ecuadorian peak

Virunga Volcanoes, Uganda

Nyiragongo Volcano in the Virunga Mountains of East Africa, along the northern border of Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Uganda.

WOW!  deep blue storm clouds..orange sky.....with dark rain fall..and purple ocean.....

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Mount Ararat Eruption

Eruption in Mount Ararat (Turkey, Armenia) is among the few wonders that are disastrous yet beautiful.