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The Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes (also known as the Thousand Buddha Cave) are the largest and best preserved Buddhist grottoes in the world.

Yungang Grottoes: ancient Buddhist temple grottoes near the city of Datong in the Chinese province of Shanxi.

The Yungang Grottoes (simplified Chinese: 云冈石窟; pinyin: Yúngāng Shíkū) are ancient Buddhist temple grottoes near the city of Datong in the Chinese province of Shanxi.

Welcome To Castle Dracula

classy-captain: Burg Eltz / Eltz Castle, Germany (Went there last year. A real fairy tale castle)

Vean las 194 cuevas cortadas en roca. Esta  arquitectura contiene más de 7.200 esculturas budistas y más de 1.000  metros cuadrados d...

Huge Boddhisattva sculptures at Maijishan Gansu Province northwest China

Ancient city of Gaochang, near Turpan in China. The city was initially built as a garrison town in the first century B.C., called Gaochang Wall. As one of the key points along the Silk Road, the ancient city of Gaochang was also a sanctuary of world religious culture. Xuanzhuang, a well-known Buddhist monk in the Tang Dynasty stopped here and delivered lectures on his way to India. Today, the remains standing here remind us of the grandeur and prosperity of the ancient city.

The Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves are a collection of retreats once inhabited by Buddhist monks dating from the to the centuries between the cities of Turpan and Shanshan (Loulan) to the north-east of the Taklamakan Desert of Xinjiang Province.

Mammoth Cave in Kentucky - I remeber going there when I was younger.

Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, USA, encompasses part of Mammoth- Flintridge Cave System the longest cave system in the world. It is over twice as long as the second largest cave system, Mexico's Sac Actun underwater cave.

Harbin Ice Festival, China

PHOTOS: China's Harbin Ice And Snow Festival 2012 Lights Up

Ice Block Castle - Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, China

Khao Luang Cave Temple, Phetchaburi, Thailand

Khao Luang Cave Temple, Phetchaburi, Thailand

Khao Luang cave temple, Phetchaburi, Thailand Almost mythical path. Travel+Leisure has one incredible gallery of this incredible place, by photographer Craig Ferguson

The summer palace, CHINA | In #China? Try www.importedFun.com for award winning #kid's #science |

Situated in the northwest of Beijing City, the Summer Palace is the largest and most well- preserved royal park in China, greatly influences

Néha, amikor ismeretlen és lenyűgöző tájakról készült képeket néz az ember, elgondolkodik rajta, hogy ezek valóban a Földön léteznek? Olyan képződmények és növények borítják ezt a bolygót, hogy az egyszerűen felfoghatatlan. Az ezernyi szín, forma és anyag minden típusa megtalálható bolygónkon! Mindig is tudtuk, hogy csodálatos és hihetetlenül sokszínű helyen élünk, de ezeket a képeket elnézve tényleg leesik az állunk. Szerintem az egész univerzumban nincs még egy ilyen gyönyörű bolygó, ahol…

View of colourful rock formations at the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in Gansu Province, China. The Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park is from Zhangye city. The park spans more than 400 square kilometers in Gansu. The unusual .

Twelve hundred years ago along the Silk Road, the Diamond Sutra, the oldest printed volume in the world, was buried deep within a remote cavern in Dunhuang, China. Simon Winchester explores the mysterious Caves of the Thousand Buddhas, where he unravels the riddle of how Buddhism was brought to the Middle Kingdom and how the sutra ended up in London's British Library.

adventure on the Silk Road: "Chinese skyscraper: The dramatic nine-story entrance to cave 96 at the Mogao site, which contains the largest Buddha in the complex among other treasures.

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Progression: "Warm Pacific" by Scott L. So cool to see the steps he took. These huge landscape paintings make me want to do one myself!