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Viviendo al Limite ♡♡♡♡ — earthyday: Sea waves by Cumbugo

The thought ‘I am meditating’ is an ego thought. If real meditation is taking place, this thought cannot arise.

It's a love story

noneofusthings: musesinthemoonlight: the water drops send riplles through eternity just like dreams ripple the ocean of the universe In his trip, your thought’s ripple touched my soul in a way that words can not describe … It made me dream …♥


Cerramos el chiringuito hasta septiembre

5 days spent in Koh Samui and 1 night in Phnom Penh. Lots of details to follow!

Travel Diary Days 21 - 25: Koh Samui, Thailand & Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Ya casi!!

Unglaublich schön - Tap on the link to see the newly released collections for amazing beach bikinis!

22 Totally Awesome Sidewalk Chalk Ideas - Swingin' Around

22 Totally Awesome Sidewalk Chalk Ideas