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Dentist Telephone Pole Flyer With Tear-Off Teeth Dr. John Mullaly, a dentist in Muskegon, MI, came up with a creative approach to advertising his dental services by posting telephone pole flyers with tear-off teeth.

Posting photos of patients on Facebook

DENTAL MARKETING, secret that will change the way you think about posting patient photos to social media!

Ideas, Odontología

Creative visual communication, you can know what is the topic of this ad straight away by the form of the teeth!

Awesome job posters (life is too short for the wrong job)

Awesome job posters (life is too short for the wrong job)

Creative advertising http://www.arcreactions.com/accents-web-design-project

out of home ads Example

I think we should get these then our patients could really start to freak out and think they are hallucinating! Whatya think?

Another pinner said: "Wish they wore these at my dentist's office lol." Yeah right! My doctor wears a rat and clown mask and it is CREEEEPPPPYYYY! I have like a mental breakdown before each trip to the dentist just because of his masks.

Creative Packaging Ideas. (-How fun would it be to get a bunch of stickers made like that to put on random bottles of ketchup.-)

Creative Packaging Ideas

Creative Packaging Ideas - The best funny pictures

Cool Advertising

More like publicity releases, but a form of advertising.

Inside The Oreo Wonder Vault That Popped Up In NYC. If you like UX, design, or design thinking, check out theuxblog.com

Inside The Oreo Wonder Vault That Popped Up In NYC. - a grouped images picture

Creative ambient brings different experiences to our life .

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Obsessed with this dental graduation cake!

Mother of advertising

Found on

A nice selection of Guerrilla Marketing ideas.

Gostaria de fazer meus cartões com esse logo

Dental element matches the logo name


DIY – Botes de plastico para los cepillos de dientes



Funny pictures about Dentist Waiting Room. Oh, and cool pics about Dentist Waiting Room. Also, Dentist Waiting Room photos.

Cute idea for Trav's graduation party

Jackie Fo: Dental School Graduation Party - It& toothtastic :) Ideas for Jon& graduation party next year.