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Metamorfose Digital

Metamorfose Digital

No need to buy the expensive kit. This activity can be replicated with poker chips easily.

These maps show how likely you are to get arrested for smoking weed  Black_v_white_marijuana_possession_arrest_medium

How likely are you to get arrested for pot?


By Hyung Kyu Nam. Explores the multiple causes of racial segregation and environmental racism, and helps students understand how institutional racism is perpetuated in the post-Civil Rights era.

Can we defeat poverty in our lifetime? #defeatpoverty

Can We Defeat Poverty? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Do you believe the number of people living in poverty has been increasing? That the number of children dying has grown? Do you believe we defeat poverty?

INFOGRAPHIC: One Of The Biggest Challenges Facing LGBT People Isn't Marriage Equality

INFOGRAPHIC: One Of The Biggest Challenges Facing Gay People Isn't Marriage Equality