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O destino deve estar nos olhando.  Com aquela cara de quem diz: "Eu tentei juntar vocês dois".

Reh na paoge bhula kar dekh lo, yakin na aaye to aajma kar dekh lo, har jagah mehsus hogi meri kami, apni mehfil ko kitna bhi saja kar dekh lo…!

Yup pretty much.....

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You make me feel giddy, and I laugh too much around you, and your name brings butterflies to my stomach, and when you walk into a room my heart speeds up, and even just thinking about you makes me smile. And I think I love you.

You mean the world to me! This is for my Kayla! You changed my world made dreams I never knew were possible happen! I look back at years of pictures and feel so blessed and sorry for you my love that life is so difficult because of a few people that will never understand! I will never stop trying for you because I once was you

Some times its not love at first sight! When i first met Justin the thought didnt even cross my mind.but it didnt take long for me to realize i wanted to spend forever with him! I didn't even write this

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I wanted to text you to tell you I miss you. I miss the long night talks, texting all day, all the "I love you more" fights. But I could never send this because I know you don't feel the same.

I'm Just A Girl

I am just a girl; I love being called pretty, but I will never believe it. I am not always right, but hate admitting I am wrong. I am almost.

Sometimes I wish we could go back in time. To redo the mistakes we may have made, and make it right...sometimes.

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Even though you have already moved on to the next chapter, I'm still stuck here reading the last, hoping that you'll come back.

We all start like strangers

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Love me

Love me or hate me both are in my favor. If you love me ill always be in your heart. If you hate me ill always be in your mind -William Shakespeare