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Japanese artist Makaon creates unique toys and sculptures out of recycled beverage cans.

Every day, artists are getting more creative with ideas for recycling, ranging from flattened-can mosaics to sculptures formed out of old books. Japanese artist Makaon uses old cans to build fictional characters that give fun new life to these used and empty containers. Using an origami-like process, the artist bends, twists and flattens layers of aluminum to create complex forms, including a range of characters from Super Mario to Batman, Pikachu to Darth Vader--even Woody and Buzz…

Pop Culture Characters Built With Beer and Soda Cans

Japanese artist Macaon has made a habit out of creating pretty awesome sculptures out of recycled beer and soda cans. His sculptures include classic po

Stegosaurus by Makaon

Recycled Beer & Soda Can Sculptures of Pop Culture Characters