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Meet the fire serpent in Trapped - second book in the Hidden Saga. Hidden - book 1 coming very soon.

Dark Phoenix rising

[Element of fire/Divine Feminine/subconscious mind?within males & females alike.

Bonito ave fénix

related to the eagle wasnt made of fire! but destroyed for having a soul of fire! most feared true gods greatest creation true killling machine of the skies! much respect!

Foto com animação

She was the fire. She was the phoenix. She was the fire of Ireland and the fire of Ireland she would stay.

Phoenix by on @DeviantArt__ Phoenix by ravenscar45  Digital Art / Photomanipulation / Fantasy©2012-2015 ravenscar45      The birth of the Phoenix from the flames

The phoenix represents rebirth. It is known when people or things fall and are reborn stronger. The phoenix could e used to describe the novel as a whole. You can see this symbol many times throughout the novel, mainly with Montag.