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Man Ray - Simone Kahn, 1926 ”

Man Ray Simone Kahn,” wife of Surrealist leader Andre Breton, lying on her back and gazing at the viewer, while holding on her stomach a sculpted Vanuatu male figure from eastern Malekula.

Man Ray - Kiki de Montparnasse (1920s)

MAN RAY Surrealist Avant Garde photography Historical PHOTO 8x10 PICTURE

Nush Eluard Portrait done in 1935 during filming of Man Ray Essay simulation cinémathographique delirium, whose screenplay was written by André Breton and Paul Eluard.

foxesinbreeches: Portrait de Nusch Éluard by Man Ray, 1935 (via zeigarnik)

Love this vintage shot.  Definitely #isadoraduncan inspired.  #spring #dance #springisintheair #justmove #jump #fly #naturalbeauty #Padgram

vintage photo of dancers by Vladimir Tolman 1930 / women's athletic body / jump / strenght / balance / dance

Sunday Morning - Lee Miller, 1931 by Man Ray

Man Ray - Lee Miller éclatant de rire, 1931 via Centre Pompidou See Also more Lee Miller See Also more Man Ray

fotojournalismus:  Man Ray in Paris, 1972. [Credit : Ara Güler]

kvetchlandia: “ fotojournalismus: “ Man Ray in Paris, [Credit : Ara Güler] ” What a great photo of Man Ray. Although I know Ara Güler’s work, I’d never seen this shot before.