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Rory that is such a disappointed father look

Rory's face is priceless. ~pinner Rory's face is /always/ priceless.

DW meets gangnam style! Win!

Heeeeyy my companion. Or Oppa Doctor Styly. Heeeeey I'm Captain Jack. Or Oppa Doctor Style. Heeeey I'm Jack Harkness.

Technically they are 9 and 12, but this is still funny.

Letter size…

8 ½ x 11 hahahahaha <-- from now on, paper dimensions shall be described as john hurt by Matt smith.<<<teacher:now students you will use 8 by 11 inch paper me:- raises hand- i think you mean john hurt by matt smith miss teacher lady

Royal Family werewolves...we know.

Funny pictures about A royal coincidence. Oh, and cool pics about A royal coincidence. Also, A royal coincidence.

Doctor Who. Keep calm. Cuff him!<<<"Two of you, the mind wanders does it not?" Haha oh River, I totally agree with you.

The mother or the daughter? 'Cause the mother cuffed him long before she conceived the daughter, but the daughter cuffed him long before he met (And was summarily handcuffed by) the mother.

David Tennant in places he shouldn't be.

David Tennant in places he shouldn't be

Guys you need to do me a BIG favor okay you need to fallow Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III the one of him smiling from the movie fallow him for me please! I would love that so much and show a lot of suport to him

David Tennant In Places He Shouldn't Be!

2011 - Comic Relief - Space - DW 2011 Comic Relief - Space 51 - Doctor Who & Torchwood Screencaps @ Sonic Biro

Yes, I really want to see what their life together is like

I always have been curious about the life of Rose & the Doctor on the parallel universe.

David Tennant in places he shouldn't be | Doctor Who Mary Poppins

David Tennant in places he shouldn't be. This is awesome. She does have a bag that's bigger on the inside.