Korda Marshall - Piezas

Untitled by Storm Thorgerson on Curiator, the world's biggest collaborative art collection.

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Planet Anthem - Disco Biscuits by StormStudios (after Thorgerson) : Limited Edition, Collectors Original Prints For Sale, Contemporary Art Gallery, Devon, UK - The Brook Gallery : Buy Art Online

Phish's "Slip, Stitch and Pass," 1997 Storm

Taken By Storm Thorgerson's Album Art

Disco Biscuits - 'Wrapped Virgins' for Planet Album, their 13th album (2010)

Storm Thorgerson album covers 1975-2011

Disco Biscuits Planet Anthem Album Cover designed by Storm Thorgerson

Cover artwork for XYK's debut album 'Genesis'. Photo by Felicia Hawor Forsell Graphic Design by Tim Widgar

Instead of removing a chunk of the face and replacing it with a smoke form, it may work to keep the face as a whole and add a smoke texture upon the face and proceeding of the top of the head to create this smoking effect.

walking out of the picture

Deepest Blue single cover by Storm Thorgerson (Is It a Sin, From June 22 until September A&Gallery invites legendary album cov.

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Si te gusta el rock, Tienes que ver esto, Murio Storm Thorg-

The Cranberries album cover by Storm Thorgerson (Bury the Hatchet, From June 22 until September A&Gallery invites legendary album cover designer Storm Thorgerson to Fort Napoleon, Ostend.

Biffy Clyro - Saturday Superhouse tryptich posters

We make album cover art, design logos, typefaces, posters etc - all aspects of packaging and promotional material.

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a variation on the art of the division bell. ely cathedral is featured in the background behind the heads.

Voodoo Highway / Vitalic / Storm Thorgerson

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