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Porto - The alluring district of Ribeira is made up of medieval streets and seedy alleyways. It is a crumbling but fascinating place, ending at a riverfront square ("Praça da Ribeira").   Wth photogenic traditional boats floating at the quayside overlooked by colorful ancient houses, this is the most picturesque spot in the city and the place everyone loves -- UNESCO did too, and declared it a World Heritage Site.

Travel Inspiration for Portugal - Easy living by the Douro River Oporto (Porto), Portugal

Guimarães has a significant historical importance due to the role it played in the foundation of Portugal. The city is often referred to as the "birthplace of the Portuguese nationality" or "the cradle city" (Cidade Berço in Portuguese) because it is widely believed that Portugal's first King, Afonso Henriques, was born there, and also due to the fact that the Battle of São Mamede - which is considered the seminal event for the foundation of the Kingdom of Portugal .

Castelo de Guimaraes, Braga, Portugal -- century birthplace of Alfonso Henriques (future King of Portugal and the Algarves)

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Alto Alentejo in Portugal, Unsung but Not for Long

The Rural Charms of Alto Alentejo, Portugal - The New York Times > Travel > Slide Show > Slide 1 of 14

Piscina das Marés - Siza Vieira - Matosinhos

Century-Old House front of sea - Casas para Alugar em Leça da Palmeira