Look at those cute legs!!!

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Owls are absolutely wonderful creatures. They hunt during the night using their wings that wave almost silently to catch victims. During the day-time they hide from predators with the help of their camouflage. The colors of owls' feathers allow them to be almost invisible against the background of surrounding nature. Try to find them at these pictures!

Look closer - Incredible examples of owl camouflage

Owley Owl was awarded the Honors Graduation Diploma, but damned if anyone could find him to receive the award.


Awesome owl shows mimicry. The tiny African Scops owl is perfectly camouflaged against a camelthorn tree in Namibia


Very cool green bird - Guinea Turaco (Green Turaco), a species of turaco (non-passerine birds)

The Atlas moth is the largest moth on earth. You will often find them in captivity. I love the fact that 4 bits of their wings are completely see through. In the wild it lives in tropical forests in Southeast Asia.

Big moth-er: Butterfly keeper Heather Prince holds one of Chester Zoo's newly emerged Atlas Moths, the largest moth species in the world. The Attacus Atlas Moth found in southeast Asia and Malay Archipelago

Saddlebill Stork - Mala Mala South Africa

Saddle-billed Stork - Mala Mala GR, South Africa Such an interesting bird.

Owl camouflage

Eastern Screech Owl - Masters of disguise. You better have a sharp eye to spot these little birds of prey. (Photo and caption by Graham McGeorge/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest)