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* * ETHAN and ALLEN look forward to opening their own cat furniture store. Ethan is the intellectual and Allen has enough ass in him to handle difficult customers.


Fi-Fy-Fo-Fum This kitty reminds me of my kitty named MISTU BLUE she went to Heaven way to soon.

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Kitten photo gallery featuring pictures of chocolate persian kittens, bicolor, smoke, tabby, himalayan and exotics.

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Enjoy this HIMALAYAN KITTENS GALLERY gallery album you will find quite a few (total of pictures that you can browse, enjoy, comment upon and discuss. Plus upload and share your own Himalayan Kittens Gallery pics plus read other people's opinions.

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^Persians kittens have a uniquely loving purrsonality that will warm your heart.

The societal and American Bobtail enjoys to play, so He is a good option for families with children. Always supervise younger kids to be certain they don’t hurt the cat by simply yanking his fur or twisting his tail.

7 Facts About American Bobtail Cats You Have To Know

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Domestic Shorthair Cat Characteristics & 7 Things You Didn't Know About This Cat

This exotic persian cat is lilac in color and looks like my oldest pet daughter Roxy AKA Beetle. She is the softest thing on earth. my-family-and-friends

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