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Cinco dicas caseiras para resolver problemas do dia a dia - Casa - GNT

Cinco dicas caseiras para resolver problemas do dia a dia

When you spill red wine, cover the stain in white wine and then baking soda. After a couple of hours, clean up the whole mess and pour yourself another glass of red wine.

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Ten Ways To Cheat Life.this is worth it's weight in gold if number 10 works

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36 Nifty Life Hacks

The camera lens in such smart phones as iPhone are great these days. You take good quality pictures. And this macro lens is going to boost up your iPhone camera

How to clean a microwave using only water, vinegar, and steam! It's easy to do, only takes about five minutes, and it works great!

How To Clean A Microwave With Vinegar & Steam; No Scrubbing!

How to steam clean a microwave in 5 minutes with just water and vinegar! Fill a microwaveable bowl with cups of water and add tablespoons of vinegar. Microwave the water and vinegar for 5 minutes

DIY How to Clean a Baking Sheet

DIY How to Clean a Baking Sheet Actually you can try two methods, personally I like the baking soda method but both work well. Method Put about ¼ cup of baking soda in a small glass bowl and squirt in hydrogen peroxide until it makes a nice paste.

Pyrex Stains: Soak in white vinegar for approx. 15-20 minutes. Then Scrub clean.

Pyrex - How To Clean Grease off Glass Cookware . get those baked grease stains off your Pyrex. Fantastic and SO easy! Soak in vinegar for 20 min then scrub clean.

Find out how many ways you can use Dawn to clean your home.. It's cool!

Different ways to use Dawn dish detergent

6 Different Ways To Use Dawn For Household Needs! Dawn and hydrogen peroxide for cleaning stains from carpet.

rustic lace table decoration ideas--cans with burlap, lace, jute, ribbons, raffia, etc.

Chic Rustic Country Wedding