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These are examples of white feminism: they are privileged cis white fems who are making a mockery of feminism by warping the message

They also hypocritically demand that unattractive women can "stare rape" and force themselves on unattracted men. Feminists are nothing but rapey, exploity double standard pushers.

The Feminism of a Soft Merlot or (How the Donkey Got Punched) | Thespi-honest

The Feminism of a Soft Merlot or (How the Donkey Got Punched)

These are the questions that each and every woman has to answer at some point of her life..

Rora Blue's new series Handle With Care is an exploration into modern day sexist language and the pressure of stereotypical gender roles. The inventive series aims to take back the language that so often tries to pigeonhole women.

#disability and #sexuality needs to be talked about more! If you are a woman and physically disabled, please take this survey to share your experience and spread awareness! https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/disabilityandsexuality

Artist Carol Rosetti uses illustrations about body image, sexuality, gender identity more to empower women and girls. Check out our 10 fave of her posters.

girls are just as good as boys. every girl including myself can do everything boys can do and be anything they wanna be. so the whole gender standard forget that it's stupid.