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Cute, precious baby!  (but this is the Worst Cat ever, it's so shiny and rubbery looking). I'll take two.

The Internet needs more tiny baby hippos…

Who wants to see a hippos in the wild? You can experience it on an African safari!

I don't think I'd want to meet this fella in the wild!

A Baby Hippo Learning How To Swim cute animals adorable animal baby animals wildlife wild life funny animals hippo

A baby hippo learning to swim! Maybe not naturally oceanic, but all mammals have to learn to swim, including us!

Reminds me of toddler drawings. Giant heads with arms and legs attached.

Starts off hippo colour,but turns PINK as mums milk is PINK and milk sweats out to act as a natural suntan lotion

This cute little pygmy hippo from Parken Zoo in Sweden has been dubbed a 'little Michelin man' by keepers.

Post with 1 votes and 13795 views. Tagged with , Aww; Cutest fat little pygmy hippopotamus born in Swedish Zoo "Parken Zoo", thought it belonged here

Oh... They found a pic of me from school gymnastics! XD

So they're ugly and deadly when full grown mature adults, STILL, how adorable is this!