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Carved ivory chalice  14 th. century  Milan Cathedral Treasury
Countess Elizabeth Bathory, the "Blood Countess": One of the most prolific serial killers in history. Reputedly killed 650 people, mostly women. (click through for more information about her brutal life and death.)
Chalice of Abbe Suger from the Abbey of Saint-Denis, is decorated with pearls, precious gems and gold.  The sardonyx cup is from the second to first century B.C.E.
Chinese silver chalice,tibetan style with turquoise.  XVIII century  Private collection
Chalice with the Arms of Housteyn Date: second quarter 15th century Geography: Made in Gelderland or Cleves Culture: South Netherlandish
Chalice, mid-15th c., Central European (Transylvania?), with 3 coats-of-arms.
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Chalice with Saints and Scenes from the Life of Christ, late 14th century (Medieval). The Walters Art Museum.
Covered Chalice 15th century Made in Toledo, Spain. Silver gilded with rubies sapphires, diamonds and crystals..jpg