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Promise to hold me up and dance with me if I ever become too old to move my body.......That is LOVE

james and i in 50 years' time, i hope! we don't do it enough but we love to dance together. We aren't great or graceful but we are together and have fun :)

rolling along through life together...Brought to you by Cookies In Bloom and Hannah's Caramel Apples   www.cookiesinbloom.com   www.hannahscaramelapples.com

rolling along through life together. This will be me in a few decades! Doing something unexpected for my age!

op een bankje in het park genieten van elkaar...

It makes me happy to see an older couple smiling and talking. Especially if that couple is married. Love this picture !

Jennifer Urbin Photography // AMAZING photograph!!

Jennifer Urbin Photography // Tenderness is a gift you give others and yourself.

THEY have a combined age of 208 and are officially Britain’s oldest married couple – having just celebrated 77 years of marriage.

Oldest married couple toast 77 years

Oldest married couple: Phyllis and Ralph Tarrant together and right, on their wedding day in 1933


This lovely senior couple met in a long-term care facility, the groom the bride The bride says "I wanted to marry a younger man this time.

Cute old couples that are still in love. One of my favorite things:)

old couple I ran into at a terras. I had to pay the old lady a couple of euro's because otherwise she didn't want to be on photo. Cute old couple