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Não se aproveite de quem se esforça tanto, Ele pode estar fazendo o que você deixou de fazer. Não estrague um programa diferente com seu mau humor, Descubra a alegria da novidade. Não deixe a vida se esvair pela torneira, Pode faltar aos outros… O amor pode absorver muitos sofrimentos, Menos a falta de respeito a si mesmo! Se você quer o melhor das pessoas, Dê o máximo de si, Já que a vida lhe deu tanto. Enfim, agradeça sempre, Pois a gratidão abre As portas do coração.

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Baby meerkats in Botswana

Baby meerkats in Botswana

Funny pictures about Baby Meerkats Playing With Photographer In Botswana. Oh, and cool pics about Baby Meerkats Playing With Photographer In Botswana. Also, Baby Meerkats Playing With Photographer In Botswana photos.

One eyed cat, problem solved.

Funny pictures about I used to have a one-eyed cat. Oh, and cool pics about I used to have a one-eyed cat. Also, I used to have a one-eyed cat.

happy girl.

when you kiddo is at the beach smiling like this running from the sea, that's a happy child, good parents produce happy children


If your kids love deer- they will love seeing many of these creatures on Miyajima island - just don't try to eat anything (or read a map or do any coloring on paper around them as they eat anything resembling food ;) this is such a sweet shot: deer love

Enfants en noir et blanc

You were hated without cause. The proud fumed with envy. The proud sought to exalt themselves, while you prayed for their blessings. You are virtuous, with an excellent spirit. Chosen by God…

I need to learn how to do this type of stuff. this is where the real photography is at nowadays.

Anyone for dogs?

haha - silly underwater dog faces Found via things-that-make-me-laugh :)