It was the end of the plain plane when Alexander Girard and Emilio Pucci joined forces in 1965 to create a new identity for Braniff International Airways.  The most beautiful brand identity design work ever today on --->

Braniff - the end of the plain plane

British Airways Ad.....My Mother is on the right.  :-)

Troy Patterson, "The Understated Elegance of the Airline Scarf," The New York Times September The last glamorous thing about flying commercial.

British Airways uniform - wore this '77-'85 #travel #alookat #airlines

Flight-attendant uniforms through the decades – in pictures

The KLM Royal Dutch Airways purser, from the Netherlands, has been collecting uniforms past and present for the past 30 years.

Pan American Airlines 1956.  Sleep tight ladies. Great!...Now that everyone is asleep, I think I'll open the mini bar in the cockpit and party down with the crew! Oh, Stewardess...  I would like a dry vodka martini, straight up with a twist!!   C'mon Gals...Let's Twist again Like We Did Last Summer!!! Hey you creepy Pilot...Don't touch us while we are sleeping!

1956 Pan American Airlines Clipper Mother Child Sleeping art Vtg Print Ad in Collectibles, Advertising, Merchandise & Memorabilia

"Fashion Airlines": Carla Bruni and Meghan Douglas by Ellen von Unwerth for US Vogue

"Fashion Airlines" - Vogue US October 1994 - Carla Bruni and Meghan Douglas - Ellen von Unwerth

In this 1961 photo, the women prepare to graduate flight attendant school

Awesome Vintage Pictures From The Golden Age Of American Airlines

1961 American Airlines Stewardess Graduation- I would love to fly a "vintage chic'" airline now!